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Jimmy Lewis has been shaping surfboards, kiteboards, and Stand Up Paddleboards for 45 years!!! To check out his work, go to his website. And a shout out to Buzzy Kerbox for excellent filming!

Puka Patch and Railsaver PRO are the ultimate in ding repair for your board. In no time at all you can patch up your board and get back to business. The Puka Patch and Railsaver PRO instantly seals dings on surfboards, SUPs, kayaks and other personal watercraft! Sticks to wet surfaces, and surf wax… New ding? No worries! Don’t leave shore without them!


The latest news

  • World Series heads to Europe for 2 dramatic stops in June
    The 2013 World Series head off to Europe for the month of June for stop 3 in Oleron Island on the west coast of France from the 7th – 9th June, and then onto Bilbao ...
  • Chasing waves!!!
    Chasing waves!!! Tahiti gets another round of code red swells over the past couple days… Now it’s hitting our Southern shores of Hawaii… 8-12 ft. faces tomorrow— Cheeehooo!!! I think we going have plenty dings ...
  • Puka Patch in Action
    Puka Patch can extend your surf time at home or traveling abroad! check out the vid and see how easy it is to mend your board on the fly and keep you surfing. We know, ...