Kolaiah (Fuzzy) Jardine

Aloha my name is Kolaiah “Fuzzy” Jardine and I am 34 years old from Waimanalo Hawaii. The ocean is what I do. Being raised in the islands where the ocean surrounds us I was destined to become a waterman. Although surfing is what I love to do, I enjoy hunting wild hogs, deep sea fishing, spear fishing, carving wooden surfboards, making wooden paddles, and the list goes on. I was raised by my Kupuna’s (grandparents) Alvin and Rebecca Jardine on the Big Island of Hawaii. My understanding of a simple life was taught to me by my Tutu Kane and Tutu Wahine. (Grandpa and Grandma). We had no electric or telephone and lived off the land and the ocean. My Father Kimo Miranda a well known Elite waterman has been a significant influence in my life. Having my Uncle Dino Miranda as a mentor whom has established himself in the surfing industry also molded me into the waterman I am today. From the moment I was pushed into my first wave by my mother Lei at the age of 6 I knew right then that the ocean would consume most of my waking days. Sure enough this has been the case ever since. At Ten years of age I pursued Body boarding and doing well enough to get me into the Morey Boogie Nationals in 1992 in Ocean Side California and place Third overall which led to my lifetime sponsorship with Viper surfing fins. As a waterman body boarding wasn’t enough, I realized that I needed to expand my horizons and onto Long boarding and short boarding I went. Placing well in the HASA and in the HLF events satisfied my ambitions, but still I was driven to accomplish more. With my need to experience new ventures and challenges I started hearing this hype about something called Standup Paddle Surfing. I was intrigued by the dynamics of this sport. Having a back ground in canoe paddling I was really interested to see the blend of these two sports. Each sport offers many challenges and to bring the two together really makes for the ultimate challenge. In 2007 my first opportunity came to me alongside a road in Waikiki an 11’0 soft top standup paddle board just sitting there calling me out and challenging me to take on this opportunity. Ha, and so I have, and this is where I am today. Putting all of my knowledge passed down to me by some of the surf industries most prominent figures and blending it with my cultural back ground as a “Hawaiian Waterman” I’m in pursuit of mastering my newest challenge, standup paddle surfing and also standup paddle racing. Developing my skill in standup surfing in breaks like Waikiki, Diamond Head and Makaha beach has led me currently to my greatest and most successful feat, Waimea Bay. As a Hawaiian in a dying culture I was taught to pass down all of your maumanao nui (All my important knowledge) to the keiki o Hawaii (Children of). Na Kama Kai (children of the sea) which is a local non-profit organization allows me the opportunity to do my part as a Hawaiian and give back. This unique program takes skilled waterman and puts on a free once a month clinic that teaches cultural and ocean awareness to the less fortunate keiki (Kids) of Hawaii. For me my journey has just begun and there are no guarantees to where my future will take me, the only guarantee I set for myself is that I will give 110% effort in all that I do. Fuzzy