Hallie Harrison

Age: 17 | Home base: Seconds (Hawaii Kai), Oahu, HI | Years Surf/SUP: 6 years
Sponsors: Ron House Boards, Maui Jim Sunglasses, Pualani Swimsuits, Scott Hawaii Slippers, Sweet Waterwear, Puka Patch Instant Ding Repair

Growing up in an all-around water family, I was introduced to every water sport at a very young age. Since I was a baby until I was about 10, my Dad would always take me tandem surfing or push me into waves on a long-board in Waikiki. However, I didn’t always like surfing. For a few years, I became very fearful of surfing and I would only want to body board. It wasn’t until I was about 12 that I really started falling in love with surfing. I started long-boarding again and slowly started to shortboard. I was introduced to SUP by my uncle, Robin Johnston. He is a North Shore board shaper and he was slowly getting into shaping SUPs. In Hawaii Kai, I live on a marina which is my backyard, so my family, friends, and I would play around on these huge SUPs. However, I never really got into SUPing until I did my first SUP race on the North Shore which changed my life forever. Press here to read more of Hallie’s story.