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Let Jimmy Lewis show you how

Great stocking stuffer for the surfer you love!

The Puka Patch Squeegee is the perfect application tool for both Puka Patch and Railsaver Pro. Its rigid plastic blade allows you to distribute equal pressure over surfaces and get rid of every last air bubble. Makes a great stocking stuffer.

Jimmy Lewis Love Puka Patch!

Jimmy Lewis demonstrates how to install the Railsaver PRO from Puka Patch, which prevents scrapes and scratches to your board. For more information on this product, visit our website. Jimmy Lewis has been shaping surfboards, kiteboards, and Stand Up Paddleboards for 45 years!!! To check out his work, go to his website. And a shout out to Buzzy Kerbox for excellent filming!

Sunset Beach Pro 2013 Promos

The 2013 season is about to get under way with the first event of the year the Sunset Beach Pro 2013. Join us live from the North Shore of Oahu on event days and for the Morning Show on lay days as we spend time with the Stand Up World Tour Surfers both on and off the water.

Standup Surfing is Super Fun

Standup Surfing is super fun when there is waves and you can see what you are doing with the camera on you. Super fun day surfing waves thinking of and praying for Uncle Donald Takayama and his Ohana.

Puka Patch in Action

Puka Patch can extend your surf time at home or traveling abroad! check out the vid and see how easy it is to mend your board on the fly and keep you surfing. We know, we’ve used them.

The Stand Up World Tour: August 2012

Puka Patch were sponsors of this event last year at Huntington beach Ca. and Turtle Bay Hawaii. This is the who’s who in the stand up surfing world! The events are growing and gaining alot of media attention around the world. Check out this video.

Rounding the Corners on Railsaver

Jon Lussier demonstrates how to round the corners on Puka Patch’s Railsaver using the Railsaver Rounding Tool. For more information on this product, press here.

Surfing with the Mini iPole

Jon Mosher, of Puka Patch, hits the waves with FastCap’s Mini iPole and SuperMount. For more information on FastCap’s Mini iPole & SuperMount, visit our website.

Puka Patch, Epoxy Surf Ding Repair — Product Review

What’s worse than dinging your brand new board on your first ride out? Nothing. Richards recently experienced just that dilemma, so he found Puka Patch. Puka Patch is an instant ding repair kit for epoxy boards. Think it works? Watch Richards put Puka to the test.