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Zane Schweitzer & a drone!

Zane Schweitzer, Johnny Pitzer & Matty Schweitzer take to their home break to get in some foil and longboard time.


Congratulations to all the 2016 Champs!

Caio Vaz from Brazil is the 2016 Stand Up Paddlesurfing World Champion, maintaining his position on top of the World.

Izzi Gomez is the 2016 Stand Up Paddlesurfing World Champion, continuing her reign on the World Championship Tour.

Connor Baxter is the 2016 Stand Up Paddle Racing World Champion, collecting his 2nd World Title after a fierce battle.

Fiona Wylde is the 2016 Stand Up Paddle Racing World Champion, proving herself to be a serious double threat in surfing & racing.

James Casey finishes on the top of the Overall leaderboard for Surfing & Racing, as a new World Title will be introduced in 2017.

Rail Tape your Board

Learn from Jimmy Lewis the best way to rail tape your SUP paddleboard. Check out this post by 101 Surf Sports.

Traveling with your paddleboard?

Check out this post by Distressed Mullet with tips about how to travel with your paddleboard.

Over And Out: Tahiti’s Best Kickouts

ASH Surf: Most Extreme Surf and Wipeouts

Big and Crazy Shorebreak!

Stand Up Paddling in the Mangroves

Check out this segment from the Facing Waves where the SUP in the Mangroves. Very cool!

Pipeline Surf Biggest Day

Pipeline Free Surf 12-13-14. Lapo Coutinho BRA devoured by huge green-eyed monster at 1:32. With a quickly increasing swell the organizers of the Triple Crown of Surfing called off the Pipe Masters competition for safety reasons. Too wildly inconsistent for the pros but improving soon after for the locals’ free surf session. Many consider this swell to be one of the biggest to grace our shores in years.