Over And Out: Tahiti’s Best Kickouts

ASH Surf: Most Extreme Surf and Wipeouts

Big and Crazy Shorebreak!

US Open to kick off this weekend in Huntington Beach


This year’s US Open will be broadcast LIVE throughout at www.watermanleague.com and feature the following principal components:

Open Surfing Trials (Opening Weekend)
Waterman Invitational featuring Shortboard, Longboard & SUP Surfing (Opening Weekend)
Stand Up World Tour Main Event for both Men & Women (holding period 26th Sept – 1st Oct
Zane Schweitzer SUP Surfing Clinic (Friday 2nd October)
Waterman League Ocean Safety Seminar (Friday 2nd October)
Stand Up World Series Event for both Men & Women (featuring Long distance & Sprints): 3rd – 4th October
Open Age group Racing for both Long distance (6km) and sprints: 3rd – 4th October
Na Kama Kai U14 & U16 Youth Championships for both Racing and Surfing: 3rd – 4th October
So there is something for everyone at the US Open of Stand Up Paddling!

For more information, go to this link.

World Series Finals

TurtleTurtle Bay on Oahu’s Fabled North Shore has established itself as the ultimate arena for World Class racing action, with 3 years worth of dramatic finishes for the World Series now logged.

The infamous Turtle Bay Pool Bar Surf break turns into an unmistakable race track that hosts the most exhilarating racing of the year and a fitting finale to the World Championship Series.

This year’s World Series Finals will take place from the 16th – 18th October and will once again pit the World’s best racers against the World’s ultimate race course.

Huntington Beach Pro Grand Slam

HuntingtonLast year’s Huntington Beach Pro Grand Slam once again showcased Surf City USA as one of the most exciting race courses of the season, as both Sprint and long distance courses provided some of the most competitive racing of the year.

This year, the newly branded US Open of Stand Up Paddling (that more aptly illustrating its embrace of both World Tour Surfing and World Series Racing) will provide one of the most comprehensive sporting showcases of the year, as World Tour Surfing meets World Series Racing right at the heart of California Surf Culture in Huntington Beach.

This year’s edition of the US Open of Stand Up Paddling will run from the 26th September thru to the 4th October, with the racing to take place on the final weekend (2nd – 4th October).

Stand Up Paddling in the Mangroves

Check out this segment from the Facing Waves where the SUP in the Mangroves. Very cool!

Pipeline Surf Biggest Day

Pipeline Free Surf 12-13-14. Lapo Coutinho BRA devoured by huge green-eyed monster at 1:32. With a quickly increasing swell the organizers of the Triple Crown of Surfing called off the Pipe Masters competition for safety reasons. Too wildly inconsistent for the pros but improving soon after for the locals’ free surf session. Many consider this swell to be one of the biggest to grace our shores in years.

Puerto Vallarta

Diego Cadena shows us Puerto Vallarta’s true potential!!

2015 Hayama Pro Japan

japanIn 2014, the Waterman League took its first steps into Asia for the Chigasaki Pro Japan, a Challenger Series event that opened the doors to International competition in the region. We are excited to now return to Japan in 2015 for a full status World Series event that will take place in the Kanagawa Prefecture at Hayama, an incredible venue for what will be an incredible event.

The Hayama Pro Japan will bring the World’s best to Asia to celebrate the growth of the sport in the region and allow the Japanese athletes to step up and be counted on the global stage.

The new venue in Hayama will provide an unparalleled viewing platform and dynamic courses for the World’s best and all open paddlers, as this unique event will set a new standard for Racing at every level in Asia.

Stay tuned for more on the 2015 Hayama Pro, as well as our lifestyle pod Series that is bringing you stories from last year’s event in Japan, and the World Series as a whole with weekly releases now online at www.watermanleague.com