Jimmy Lewis Love Puka Patch!

Jimmy Lewis demonstrates how to install the Railsaver PRO from Puka Patch, which prevents scrapes and scratches to your board. For more information on this product, visit our website. Jimmy Lewis has been shaping surfboards, kiteboards, and Stand Up Paddleboards for 45 years!!! To check out his work, go to his website. And a shout out to Buzzy Kerbox for excellent filming!

Love the Puka Patch

Hey, Fastcappers! I called in yesterday with a question:Can the Puka Patch be used to repair a hole in an easy-set above-ground pool?(Sorry, I forget the name of the young lady who took my call)Your associate checked and said if the patch is put on the inside, it should work. The pool is filled to where we need it(we didn’t fill it to full this year because it would be too deep for our youngest child). My wife also used the Puka Patch to reinforce around a hole she cut for the new pump inlet location. My wife is impressed and we have four very happy kids! Thanks! – See more at: http://pukapatch.com/testimonials#sthash.kaRNlcqM.dpuf

Chris Rapisarda Review

Chris Rapisarda posted on Puka Patch and Railsaver’s Facebook. So good we had to share…
“Picked up a previously loved Rogue board with a small ding on the bottom..instead of having to wait a week while she sits in a repair shop Mike Dobbins hooked me up with a Puka Patch and the next morning I was paddling Wekiva and this week is the Indian River. I feel secure with my Puka patch. I’ll have to bug him for a sticker for my jeep because you’ve got my business, and I’ll spread the word. Thanks guys!”

Sean Poynter Testimonial

Puka Patch is a proud patron of the Stand Up World Tour and Series and provides the ultimate tool in ding repair for the world’s leading athletes. Here is the first in a series of testimonials for this amazing ‘surf session saver.

Puka Patch Review

Click here to read a review found in the Standup Zone Forum. Very cool! No time? Well here is the review in a nutshell…

“i use the Puka rail saver and also carry patches just in case. I use them on my prone boards too!
Had a patch on for over 1 year and just got around to doing the repair. It was still holding like new.”