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Applying the Railsaver

Kolaiah (Fuzzy) Jardine demonstrates how to use the Puka Patch Railsaver.

Kite Board Bladder Repair

Ken demonstrates how to repair a kite board with a hole in the bladder.

Puka Patch: Creating a Nose Guard

Mark from Soul Performance Surf Shop in Redonda Beach, CA talks about how to create a nose guard with the Puka Patch!

Puka Patch: Railsaver Installation

Jon installs Puka Patch Railsaver on a custom Ron House SUP in his shaping room.

Outdoor Retailer Show 2011

Paul Akers visits the Jimmy Lewis booth at the Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City, UT. Ken Russell, one of Jimmy’s distributors, walks Paul through the Jimmy Lewis line of products. They fitted all their demo paddle boards for the show ahead of time with our SUP Rail Savers. All the other board companies had to bring two sets of boards in anticipation of the wear and tear.

Puka Patch: SUP Railsaver Demo

Demonstration of the heavy-duty quality of the SUP Rail Saver.

Puka Patch: More Magic

Jon helps people fix their boards at a show with the Puka Patch and new Puka Patch XL!

Puka Patch: XL saves lives!

When a forklift hits a board, Puka Patch comes to save the day!

Puka Patch: How To Install Your Rail Saver

Jon walks us through an installation on his brand new paddle board.

What People Are Saying

What do people say about the Puka Patch?